There is a craft in photography that is sadly lacking these days and it’s not because we live in a digital age. It’s because we live in a now age, because the digital age has made more things accessible, we want more things Now!

My work starts with making my clients comfortable not just physically but mentally. Comfortable enough to allow me to show them how amazing they are. 

This is a 4 stage process.

1. The Pre-shoot Consultaion

This is our first meeting, where we discuss and design your portrait sitting but the really important thing is that, at this point, we begin to learn about each other and we make connections. The best place to do this is at my studio, so you begin to make connections with the place as well.

At the meeting we’ll discuss, wardrobe & styling, hair & makeup, photography styles, posing & lighting, the type of refreshments you like and what you will want for lunch. I may even give you some posing homework to practice.

This meeting’s purpose is to inform and empower you so that come the day of the shoot you know you are walking into a safe, comfortable and familiar environment with a photographer that wants to make you look and feel amazing.

2. Your day in the studio

The studio is less than 5 minutes from the train and bus station and there are several car parks in the immediate vicinity so I can greet you at your journey’s end, carry your bags and make sure you get to the studio easily.

At the studio, once you’re settled, we’ll begin with your first of two makeovers and choose your first outfit.

then we begin. The first half an hour I treat as a warm up, shaking out the nerves for both of us but once we’ve found our groove , there’s no stopping us!

You will be guided every step of the way, coached into the right poses that suit you, however you look, whatever your body shape. At no point will you be left in front of the camera feeling unsure, insecure and or nervous, like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

As your confidence grows the shots get better and better!

As we move through the day we should be able to get about 6 wardrobe changes and after lunch we’ll go for a 2nd makeover.


3. Developing the images

To get the best possible images, your shots, like film, have to be developed, edited. Unlike film, ”Digital Developing” gives a greater amount of control and flexibility. 

A collection of 30 images will be chosen and fully edited, from cropping & colour balance to skin blemishes & smoothing (without loosing texture). Even though every effort is made to get the shot perfect in camera, a lot can be done digitally to improve the image further. 

All of the images in your collection will be edited to the highest standards and would sit quite comfortably in your favourite magazine.

4. The Revelation Revolution

We’re not done yet! A week after your Portrait sitting you will be invited back to the studio for your Personal Reveal. This will be the first time you see the finished pictures.

All through the process you will not see the back of the camera, the little screen that gives a brief highlight of the photograph just taken. That’s because as explained above the process isn’t finished.

Oh but when it is finished and you see your collection for the very first time and it can get emotional, bring tissues.

The Madness is in the Method

My methods are formed from practice, trial & error. The end justifies the means, as they say. Not only does it bring me great joy watching people grow on these journeys we take, it is a huge honour. Nurturing someone’s confidence through their experience and bringing out the real you is a privilege.

I hope to meet you soon,

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